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Scalloped Edge Cake Pans

Each of these pans holds half the amount of a regular layer cake pan, so the resulting layer will be thin enough to add fillings. This means you don’t have to slice cake layers in half…very convenient! Plus, they are pretty. I have two sets of these to make one layer cake.

Dough Scraper

I use this simple scraper constantly when I am baking bread. The round side scrapes the mixing bowl clean and the flat side scrapes dough and flour off the counter. 

Food Processor

One of the most essential pieces of equipment in my kitchen is my food processor. I use it every day. Mine usually has a batch of bread dough rising in it! 

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

The quintessential kitchen appliance after a stove, an oven, and a food processor, this is an indispensable item in a kitchen if you love to cook and bake.


I have an older model of this appliance that I have used for many years. Much more powerful than a blender, this will easily make smoothies from frozen fruits and whole vegetables, crush ice, puree, blend soups, sauces, and dips. It even has an optional container that will grind whole grains into flour. I bought one for each of my kids because I couldn’t imagine not having it in a kitchen.